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Dry Cleaning In Stockport Suitable For Delicate Fabrics

Regular cleaning techniques could damage your delicate carpet and upholstery fabrics! However, there’s a way to remove deeply ingrained dirt without doing so – book a slot with Friendly Cleaners and get just that:

Our dry cleaning services in Stockport are tried and tested. And our methods are suitable for both your carpets and upholstery including sofas. Remember, the process is completely dry. That means your items can be used as normal as soon as we’re finished. Want to make your booking?

Contact us today. Advisers staff our call centre round-the-clock for your convenience. What’s more, quotes are FREE and without obligation.

Dry Carpet Cleaning In Stockport That Gives You:

  • Fabric that stays cleaner for longer – your carpets and upholstery will be treated with high strength solutions and cutting edge machinery
  • A technique safe for delicate materials – including sisal and seagrass. What’s more, your service will be fully insured for your benefit
  • Quality assured staff – we don’t employ just anyone. All team members have been background checked and thoroughly trained
  • Help when it’s convenient – weekdays are no longer your only option. You can now use us on any weekend or Bank Holiday
  • Great value prices – call now to get a quote. Remember, you can reduce the cost of your service by qualifying for a discount

Want to know how to make yourself eligible? Simply combine our dry carpet cleaning in Stockport with either office cleaning or spring cleaning.

Your Dry Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Service In Stockport

Questions frequently asked by customers past and present are answered below:

How do I book?

You connect with an adviser and provide your details. You’ll then be asked about the specific item you want cleaned. After you’ve done this you’ll be given a preliminary cost estimate. Agree and you can make your appointment.

How will my service be carried out?

It depends whether you need dry upholstery or carpet cleaning in Stockport. However, before any work is done the fabric in question will be inspected and identified…

Upholstery needs to be pre-treated for stains and dirt patches prior to being cleansed. After it has been, a powerful solvent will be injected deep into the fabric. After this solution has attracted all ingrained dirt it will be attracted by strong suction.

Carpets must first be vacuumed and then any stains present on its surface will be treated. Following this, a special absorbing powder will be distributed evenly across the fabric. This powder will then be scrubbed into the material. And dirt and dust will become attached to the powder and then be removed by vacuum.

What’s it suitable for?

Our process is gentle enough not to harm individual fibres but powerful enough to deliver real results. We’ve treated carpets made of Jute, Seagrass, and more. In addition, furniture like sofas and armchairs are also within our wheelhouse.

About Us

Friendly Cleaners have been delivering expert dry cleaning services for years. And the qualified and experienced professionals we employ have helped hundreds. Take note, you’re our top priority – your opinion will always be taken into account. And you should feel free to ask us for post maintenance advice. Sound good to you? Book now!