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Eliminate Bugs With Our Mattress Cleaning In Stockport

Don’t let bed bugs affect your health dust mites can cause rashes, allergic reactions, asthma, and much more. Can’t figure out how to deal with the problem? There’s an easy solution…

Did you know that Friendly Cleaners now provide a professional mattress cleaning service in Stockport? It couldn’t be simpler to book contact us, give us your details, agree to a quote, and then reserve your appointment. We’ll give you the results you deserve!

You’ll be sent a team of professionals equipped with advanced UV light machinery. This equipment enables us to completely eliminate the bacteria and microorganisms present on your mattress. Hire us today and sleep well tonight.

Mattress Cleaners In Stockport Who’ll Put You First

Pick a service that’s:

  • All-natural, dry, and chemical free it’s completely non-invasive and totally safe. Take note, no moisture will be used to penetrate your mattress
  • Amazingly quick – because our system is totally portable your service will take no longer than sixteen minutes
  • Extremely thorough – potentially harmful allergens will continue to be destroyed up to seventy two hours after your service
  • Suitable for all materials – this service is suitable for all types of mattresses and pillows
  • Available all-week – get Stockport mattress cleaners from us on any weekday, weekend, or Bank Holiday

Want to make some savings? Combine this service with either upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning. You’ll get great value for your money!

Learn How We’ll Clean Your Bed

We’ve been asked…

How do I book?

Reach us by phone or online. Then tell us your specific requirements. We’ll use the details you provide to calculate a preliminary quote. Agree and you can proceed to make your mattress cleaning appointment.

Can you tell me how my service will be performed?

We’ll bring a special machine to your property. This equipment features an intense ultra-violet light that will kill any dust mites, spores, or bacteria present on your mattress. Once they’ve been neutralised they’ll be extracted by a combination of vibration and extreme suction.

How will I know the process has been a success?

Feel free to ask the technicians to show you what’s been extracted from your bed. You’ll be surprised at the amount of debris!

How soon after my service can I use my bed?

There’s no need to wait. Your mattress will be safe to use straightaway.

Are you sure you’re suitable for me?

Absolutely. We can work in hotels, hostels, hospitals, and anywhere else that has beds.

Who’re The Experts Who’ll Perform Your Service?

Friendly Cleaners will dispatch fully trained, experienced, and vetted technicians to you. Moreover, every member of the team you meet has been totally insured for your convenience. As a result you’ll receive a tested, quality assured service that more than meets your requirements.

Wondering if you need to prepare anything before we arrive? There’s no need. The experts will take care of everything. All you’ve got to do is sit back and relax.