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One Off Cleaning In Stockport That You Control

An everyday cleaning service will only include a generic clean of your property. In fact, they may miss the rooms you consider to be priorities. And how does that help you? Don’t settle for this…

Friendly Cleaners give you the control with our one off cleaning service in Stockport. This means you choose what tasks we perform, and how long we stay. And therefore the price you pay. Want to book now?

You can contact us at any time of the day or night through this website or over the phone. Quotes are FREE and totally without obligation.

Reasons To Use One Off Cleaners In Stockport

We’ll give you:

  • A service defined by you & you control how long it lasts, how many technicians perform it, what’s cleaned during it, and more
  • Experienced technicians who can complete your service quickly and quietly
  • FREE rescheduling has something come up? Don’t worry – just tell us at least 48 before your appointment
  • Equipment on request if you don’t have the necessary tools on your property you can ask us to bring them. You’ll only have to a pay a little more
  • Slots that suit your schedule ever wanted to get one off cleaners in Stockport on a bank holiday? Now you can

Want to reduce your prices? Then combine this service with either house cleaners or regular cleaning. You’ll get great savings.

Get Full Home Cleaning In Stockport

The following are questions frequently asked by our customer base…

What do I decide?

Pretty much everything. The number of hours we spend at your property, the tasks we complete, and how many technicians we send. It’s all decided by you. Just give us your specific requirements when you book your appointment. You’ll get a quote to which you can agree to disagree. If you want to be really specific write us a list of tasks you want completed. In order of priority.

Can you walk me through the process?

So first, expert technicians will come to your property. A quick inspection of your property will be carried out. And you’ll be told if any of the tasks you’ve set us can’t be completed in the time allocated. The team will then get to work and move through your priorities, one item at a time. Once your time is up you’ll be asked to give your opinion on your Stockport full home cleaning service.

What tasks can you complete?

All kinds. We can vacuum your floors, wash your appliances, and more. But bear in mind you can also us to complete household chores. This means doing your laundry, ironing, making your bed, and washing your dishes.

We’re Fully Trained

Did you know that Friendly Cleaners thoroughly vet all technicians before hiring them? This ensures that your services are completed professionally and to the highest standard. We’re also fully insured for your benefit. That means you and your possessions will be protected throughout the duration of the process. Hire us now.